Our Products

RF Products

We have started manufacturing RF Products along with providing designing services.These are the product categories available.

RF Power Amplifier Modules

Our line of RF Power Amplifiers products modules utilize RF device technologies like LDMOS, GaN etc. and are available for HF,VHF,UHF and Cellular Band frequencies

Low Noise Amplifiers

We currently offer Wideband LNAs for V/UHF, S-Band, C-Band and X-Band frequencies.


We offer both digital step attenuators as well as voltage variable attenuators drop-in modules.

Digital Phase Shifters

We offer Digital phase shifters in the form of drop in modules

Directional Couplers

We currently offer dual directional couplers for UHF band.

Power Dividers/Combiners

We currently offer 2 Way Wide band Power Divider for C & X Band.

Our Services

RF Design Services

We offer Rf Design and prototype manufacturing services for various products like RF power amplifier subsystems,RF power amplifier Modules, RF filters, Low Noise Amplifers, Power Dividers, Directional Couplers etc.

You can reach us by filling the form or Email us at info@ewtrf.com


Custom Design

We also offer our products to customize for whatever your specs are calling for.

Fill out the form and tell us what you need.